Directed by Nadav Heyman
Director of Photography Erich Hamil
Choreographer & Dancer Nadav Heyman
Composer Marco Zannone
Producer Julia Planine-Troiani

An introspective narration accompanies a contemporary male soloist on an empty stage. “Sleep is not a democracy and it is not a mantra. It is neither plastic nor glass. It cannot break. It cannot burn. It cannot pollute.”

Helena was runner up at the Bucharest International Dance Film Festival


Interview with Director Nadav Heyman

Describe, in as many or as few words as you see fit, the genesis of or inspiration behind Helena?
Helena is a memento. I made it at the peak and conclusion of my short dance “career” as a way to remember and record the way I move, think, write, and narrate. I wanted something I could look back at when I’m 90 and say, “See, I kind of used to be able to dance.”

How long did Helena take to film? How long was post-production?
Helena was shot in one day, but the film was created in the editing room. It was months (maybe six months) of grueling introspection, trying to create something out of nothing – writing a text, finding the language, choosing the music, restructuring the choreography, etc. It seemed hopeless for many many months until finally something clicked.

If this is your first dance for film production, what are a few things you learned about making a dance for film that surprised you? If this is not your first dance for film production, what are a few things that you are continually trying to refine or learn as you have sought to work thru this medium of dance and film together?
This was my first dance film and it taught me that it’s very difficult to make a good dance film.

Are there any projects, dance film or otherwise, that you are working on currently that you would like to share with our audience?
I have been working on a short art film (a year in the making) that I’m looking forward to releasing in a few months. The film is very understated but with an incredibly important message, and that is not to surrender to complacency. I will keep my website updated in case anyone wants to check in and/or stay in touch .


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