PDFF 2020

What an extraordinary time for the world. Humanity has changed. It’s adapted. It’s grown. Portland Dance Film Fest has as well. PDFF 2020 will be virtual. We are saddened by the loss of in person camaraderie, but we’re pumped to face this unique experience.
We are ready to expand the virtual connection.  

The 4th Annual Portland Dance Film Fest will be ten days of over 60 films screenings, workshops, world premieres, and fun. 26 spectacular PDFF Picks, 9 moving documentaries, 24 mini films created while sheltering in place, and the world premiere of the Oregon Dance Film Commission. We hope to “see” you there!

– Kailee McMurran, Festival Director




Peruse the events of the 2020 Portland Dance Film Fest. (Right below this section)


Decide which events you’d like to “attend.”


Purchase individual tickets for each screening OR if you are ready for 10 days of over 60 fabulous dance films and documentaries  purchase a  Festival Pass! (Festival Pass Includes: Picks 1, 2, & 3, Documentaries Pass, and the Stay Home Screendance Competition. Save about 10% with a Festival Pass + discounts on workshops!)


Once you’ve purchased your tickets or pass you’ll receive an email with the link to the Online Event Page.  Bookmark this page! The Online Event Page will contain the Video Player and password to access the films. When the screening timeframe opens for each showcase enter the appropriate password into the video player and click play!


Sit back, relax, and….WAIT! Don’t forget to make some popcorn! AND enjoy the show! Once you’ve watched each showcase vote for the Picks 1, 2, & 3 Audience Awards, and the Stay Home Screendance Competition.


October 2nd – October 11th

PDFF Picks 1

Oct 2nd, 12:01am – Oct 4th, 11:59pm


Enjoy a curation of 9 dance films that bring movement and film together to engage with themes of belonging, almost encounters, archetypal exploration, womanly innocence, collaborative design, embodied adverbs, fable, returning, and white-victimhood. 

Picks 1 will be available for your viewing pleasure and edification for 72 hours.

Stay Home Screen Dance

October 2nd – 11th

Stay Home Screendance

During a time of uncertainty, groundlessness, and fear these 24 artists created while sheltering in place during the Spring and Summer of 2020 Covid-19 pandemic.

We need you! Stay Home Screendance films are free to view for the entire duration of the festival (October 2nd – 11th). Join us in voting for your favorite! The top rated film will get $200.


October 2nd – 11th

Documentary Pass

The Documentary Pass includes 10 incredible documentaries that span subjects and various approaches to the art of the documentary with style, maturity, and care.  

Documentaries will be abailable for the entirity of the festival.


Oct 3rd, 11:00am | 1 Hour

Live Dance Film Creation via Zoom: Looking, Listening, Moving

An hour long experimental mini dance film creation with Béatriz Mediavilla, director of the documentary According To Movement. This workshop will result in a sharable dance film by the end of the festival!

You must preregister to take this workshop.

PDFF Picks 2

Oct 5th, 12:01am – Oct 7th, 11:59pm


This curation of 9 films explore cinematic themes such as the landscape as vital character, grief, youthful independence, black lives, togetherness, malaise, the body as beauty, and one’s journey of radical healing. Picks 2 includes the premiere of the Oregon Dance Film Commission!

Picks 2 will be available for your viewing pleasure and edification for 72 hours. 

Your Spine Is Seaweed

Oct 7th, 12:00pm | 1 Hour

Movement Language Workshop: Your Spine is Seaweed

An hour long virtual movement exploration masterclass with Amy Leona Havin, director of the Holding Project.

You must pre-register to take this workshop.

PDFF Picks 3

Oct 8th, 12:01am – Oct 10th, 11:59pm


Our final PDFF Picks shares a curation of 9 films that engage us in playfulness, variations on dependence, resilience and emergence, the intertwining of nature and man, sisterhood, community spaces, seperation, being stuck inside, and masculinity.

Picks 3 will be available for your viewing pleasure and edification for 72 hours. 

Your Spine Is Seaweed

Workshop + Q&A
Oct 9th, 10:00am | 2 Hour

Freedom of Expression through Bharatanatyam Dance and Laban Techniques with Amna Mawaz

Combining Bharatanatyam and Laban techniques, exploring effort and speed, conceptualizing emotion with abhinaya and mudras, Bharatanatyam dancer and educationalist Amna Mawaz will use exercises to think about movement as freedom of expression.

Your Spine Is Seaweed

Oct 10th, 1:00pm | 2 Hour

Stories Only the Body Can Tell: Making Digital Dance for Social Change

In this online workshop, Tiffany Rhynard will explore the capability for digital technology to address social issues surrounding equity, justice, and intersectionality.

Only 20 available spots.

A Special Thanks to Our Partners