October 21st @ 7:30PM | Dekum Street Theater | Run Time: 67mins

**Picks 3 Contains Nudity**
Bringing our 2023 festival to a close are 10 films from Canada, Germany, the United States, Israel, the United Kingdom, and China. The night begins with compositional triumphs and arches into an ocean of blatant experimentation, whimsy, and curious creatures. Heading back to the harbor, we are held close by flamenco’s exacting grace, “the minute struggles and frustration inherent when the body will not obey the mind.” (Forming), and a film whose synopsis simply says “To see. To sense. To feel. To love. And finally, to be.” (Aura). Picks 3 runs 67 minutes with a 15 minute intermission.

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United States / Canada

Director & Editor: Kat Castro @yunglilfireball
Music Producer: Doomgurl / Mandy Sanchez Cruz @doomgurl_
Movement Artists: Jayson Collantes @jayson_collantes, Kosi Eze @kce__, Frances Antoinette Honoridez @framaloo
Mastering: Cody “Coflo” Ferreira @coflothesoulshifter
Colourist: Jerick Collantes @jerick.__
Camera Operators & Assists: Dorcas Ho @finding_dorcas and Alissa Dawn @alissadawnn_
PA: Jonathan Yau @jcyjonathan
Graphic Designer & Illustrator: Monika Lê @monikaledesign
Special Thanks to Ecru.club @ecru.club, Pam Lau @pamelaloud, Jimmy Vi @jimmyvi, Hernani Sagra @nani.shoots, Studio North Toronto @studionorthto, Jess Ortaleza @jessortaleza, Andrea Lopez @noxtalgica, Maya Kell-Abrams @maya.k.ayy

Humans are like existential onions. There are many layers to uncover, hence the title name, Undertones. It is a single-channel experimental movement film that focuses on the relationship between the underlying layers of architecture, music & sound, and the movement artists. The film plays with themes of curiosity, tension, connection, and release. Through movement, it explores how personal experiences and emotions are not only affected by other individuals, but also by the elements in the environment that surrounds us. The relationship is cyclical in nature and as the cycle repeats, we gain more awareness within and outside ourselves.


Germany / Oregon Artist

Director: Stefan Kessissoglou
Director of Photography: Andreas Hartmann @andreas.hartmann.030
Choreography and Concept: Zahra Banzi @zahrabanzi + Lena Traenkenschuh @Lenabobena
Dancers: Zahra Banzi + Lena Traenkenschuh
Music and Sound Design: Brad Nath @brad_nath
Set Piece: Keegan Lutrell @Keeganlutrell
Editing: Stefan Kessissoglou and Zahra Banzi

Vestige is an examination of choice, self, and the weight of inherited limitation. When identity is blurred by patterns created long ago, how can we know what truly belongs to us or is just an echo of what came before. How can we unweave choice from expectation? Can we teach what held us tall without passing on what kept us stuck?

Encourage Flavor

Oregon Artist / United States

Filmmaker: Robert Uehlin
Dancer/Choreographer: Kailee McMurran @KaileeMcMurran

“I have forced myself to contradict myself in order to avoid conforming to my own taste.”

― Marcel Duchamp


United States

Director: Lauren Bumgarner @lo___motion
Director of Photography: Ross DeFehr @rossdefehr
Choreographer: Lauren Bumgarner
Dancers: Paisley Huffines, Maddie Hobza, Maddy Bryson, Emme Pratt, Paige Barr, Kalynn Neville, Kinley Davidson, Jayden Oltmann, Hillary Musselman, Haven Huffines, and Kiera Coffey
Music by David Bowie @davidbowie
First Assistant Director: Bailey Hartman @bailehhhz
Editors: Lauren Bumgarner and Ross DeFehr
Consulting Producer: Jessica Hunt @jessimariahunt
Sound Design: James Russell @jimmiplex
Production Assistant: Mia Angelo @momma.m.i.a
Credit & Title Designer: Emilee Bumgarner @embumgarner
Lab Services by Colorlab @colorlabmd

Growing up is strange. Young dancers contemplate this passage of time through conversation and movement.

The Lines Between

United States

Director: Georgia Usborne
Writer: Paul Rabinowitz
Producers: Paul Rabinowitz, Georgia Usborne, Julia Discenza, Debora Domass
Dancers: Julia Discenza, Georgia Usborne
Music: Miranda

Struggling with writer’s block, a woman moves through surreal worlds to discover the ebbs and flows of creativity.



**Contains Nudity**
Valeria Galluccio
Director of Photography: Claude Précourt
Make Up Artist: Myriam Boudreau, Dominique Panneton
Choreography: Valeria Galluccio
Cast: Valeria Galluccio
Sound: Julia Innes
Music: Luc Saint-Pierre
Other: Francesca Pala

Luce is a mysterious alien creature, with both aquatic and human features. After suddenly falling next to a lake in a forested region in North America, she sets out to document her experience on Earth with a video camera. As an empathetic and tender creature, her awakened senses cause her body to make jerky movements as she explores her surroundings, completely isolated from her own species.


Spain / Israel

Choreographer, Director and Producer: Naya Binghi @nayabinghi
Art Director and Producer: Inma Cobo @inmacobo10
Music: David Caro @davidcaroguitarrista, El Mati @matiaslopezelmati
Dancers: Miguel El Rubio @elrubio_bailaor, Naya Binghi
Realization: Nido Producciones @nido_producciones

Happiness and Pain, despite its antagonic nature, find a simultaneous coexistence in the human emotional framework, whose idiosyncrasy will serve as inspiration for the development of the creative process of this work.

The Fell of Dark

United States

Director: Marla Phelan @marlaphelan
Co-Director: Tim Richardson @timrichardsontv
Choreographer: Marla Phelan
Dp: Theo Stanley @theo_stanley
Editor: Richard Mettler @reeshard2
Colorist: Tim Masick @timmasick
First AC: Tomek Gryz
Stylist: Eloise Deluca @elowah
Dancers: Erika Choe @erikachoe, Eloise Deluca, Kevin Pajarillaga @kevin.pajarillaga, Jennifer Payan @jennpayan, Marla Phelan, Jie Hung Shiau @jiehungshiau, Andrea Farley Shimota @afarleyshimota

‘The Fell of Dark’ is inspired by the profound and communal strength found in ritual practices. Dancers emerge onto a sacred pavilion, performing a symbolic procession of mourning. Their ritualized movement embodies the healing power of human connection. The Fell of Dark is made in response to the hundreds of thousands of lives lost to the overdose crisis and to the families silenced by its stigma.



**Contains Nudity**
: Eve McConnachie
Co-Director: Chloe Rosser @chloe_rosser_
Movement Director: Madeline Squire @maddycsquire
Composer: Carlo Ascrizzi
Music Supervision: DOLCE @dolceldn
Executive Producer: Tony Currie
Producer: Caitlin McKenna
Director of Photography: Caroline Bridges
Dancers: Marge Hendrick @margehendrick, Joanne Harrow, & Denise Noone

Forming examines the experience of living with a neurological condition and what people don’t see; the minute struggles and frustration inherent when the body will not obey the mind.

A faceless, genderless body moves in tiny motions; twisting, twitching, stretching; transforming into curious, intimate shapes – surreal but also beautiful.

Forming was developed from the artwork by Chloe Rosser. Members of Scottish Ballet’s Dance Health team supported the production to ensure the wellbeing of dancers living with MS throughout the process.



**Contains Nudity**
Tang Chenglong
Director of Photography: Fu Siyang @siyang_fu
Dancers: Bai Yuhao, Shi Renqi
Producers: Lanca Li @lancaaaaaa, Sun Jiatong
Production: Tang Dancing Lab
Promotion & Distribution: Three Owls Studio @3owlsstudio

To see. To sense. To feel. To live. And finally, to be. A new duet by Tang Chenglong, Aura features two of the most talented young Chinese artists of this generation – Shi Renqi and Bai Yuhao. This dance film piece was created deliberately half in a completely black studio and half by open ocean. Aura hopes to ask the fundamental question of existentialism: who are we? Why are we here? Can you see us?