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This year we are sharing 5 documentaries on our online platform that each approach the art form with distinguished styles and tell unique stories about life through dance, the life of a dance, or the life of a dancer. These films will be available to watch online from October 15th-24th. 

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FEATURE | United States

Uprooted – The Journey of Jazz Dance

Directed by Khadifa Wong

‘UPROOTED’ is a feature-length documentary celebrating the history, lineage, and future progressions of jazz dance.  Exploring and commenting on political and social influences, the film is an honest conversation about jazz dance addressing topics such as appropriation, racism, socialism, and sexism.  With special appearances by Debbie Allen, George Faison, Chita Rivera, Camille A. Brown and Thomas F. DeFrantz.  ‘UPROOTED’ also showcases the works of the Nicholas Brothers, Pepsi Bethel, Jack Cole, Katherine Dunham, Bob Fosse and Gene Kelly shining a light on what all people have in common, rhythm and a basic human need to get down.

Many experts included are Oscar, Tony, Emmy and Olivier Award winners. For example ; Debbie Allen, Susan Stroman, George Faison, Andy Blankbuehler, Al Blackstone, Mandy Moore, Josh Bergasse, Chita Rivera, Graciela Daniele….


MINI-DOC | United States

The Dancing Man of L.A.

Directed by Scott Sheppard & Jen Fodor

69-year-old Howard Mordoh is possibly the world’s biggest concert enthusiast. Self-described as a “professional audience,” Howard has been a notorious fixture of the L.A. music scene for decades. Easily recognizable due to his long white hair and spirited dance moves, Howard’s love of concerts spans genres and venues, just as long as he can keep dancing. 

Howard has built a life around his passion, but with the cancellation of concerts due to COVID- 19 he has had to get creative in order to keep dancing. “The Dancing Man of L.A.” inhabits Howard’s unique lifestyle and passion for music, and explores the trauma of suddenly losing not only essential human connection, but one’s purpose in life.




Directed by Benoit Chevalier

The crowd, the music, the concrete. And then, a show. William’s show. As long as he can remember, he always wanted to dance. Lost kid in Dinard’s Saint-Alexandre district, William discovered breakdance and hip hop culture at the age of 12, then never left the street again.

Spotted by Bboy Junior (world breakdancing champion with the group Wanted Posse) at a block party, he is impressed by William’s performance and decides to take him under his wing. The initial spark is his very first battle at the summer district festival of Rennes, where he is the winner. William decides to go to Paris, as for him, Hip Hop culture takes place in the capital. He has only one idea in mind, to make a living from his passion : dancing. Very quickly, he discovers street performances and meets street performers. The shows are on the rise once he teams up with Ikani and the group Pitch Control.

William progresses, and his desire for adventure leads him to embark on a career as a soloist. The French capital is not enough for him and he thirsts to discover new horizons. He spends several years travelling the world and presenting his show in the biggest capitals. Australia, United States, Canada, Brazil, Portugal, New Zealand, there is not a continent he has not walked on. With his businessman look, William gathers huge crowds of several hundreds of people throughout the world. His breakdance show becomes a real one-man show.

The life of a street artist requires concessions. No attachment, no address, he is now looking at his career with more maturity. With no regrets, but sometimes a little touch of envy when seeing his friends starting their own family, choosing a more conventional path. That’s what living in the margins of society is like, and after all, maybe that’s the true life of a SALTIMBANQUE.
Awards: Saltimbanque won URBAN FILM FESTIVAL 2020 (Paris) and HipHopCineFest 2021 (Rome)

Instagram: @inz_11

MINI-DOC | United States


Directed by Elliot deBruyn, Nathaniel Brown, Caili Quan

Chamorro Filipino choreographer and dancer Caili Quan pays tribute to the family and culture on Guam that sparked her love of music and inspired her dream of dancing. Set over dances choreographed to honor different aspects of Guam’s culture, Caili explores her own heritage through conversations with her family reminiscing on cherished memories from the island. Through every story and gesture there is a common thread of mahålang, a Chamorro word encompassing the longing and missing of something, someone, or some place. Weaving a narrative of how collective memory and storytelling preserve where we come from, “Mahålang” is an ode to a home and the longing to return.



DiaTribe: From The Village To The Streets

Directed by AJ Wone

The documentary is a narrative of writer/director AJ Wone meeting Ghanaian Master Drummer Obo Addy. Wone was hired to take photographs at Addy’s 75th birthday but Wone decided to film instead. The relationship they formed in a few months spawned a live musical experience titled DiaTribe. The performance was a dream come true for Obo and months later, on September 13, he transitioned. Wone kept his word to “take care of it” assuming the responsibility to realize Obo’s idea while also chronicling where hip-hop dance originated.

22 Film Festival Invitations, 10 Film Awards.