Portland Dance Film Fest has one more PICK! Join us for the Scottish Ballet's The Secret Theatre Christmas Special feature film.

IN-PERSON December 19th at the Clinton Street Theater @ 2:30PM | Run Time: 58 mins


Starring characters from The Scottish Ballet’s  most popular festive ballets, the worlds of the Snow Queen and the Sugar Plum Fairy collide when the theatre bursts into life. In this spectacular, feature-length film, you’ll be treated to an extraordinary show filled with acrobats, snowflakes, clowns, princes and – of course – beautiful ballerinas.


The Secret Theatre will be available to watch at the Clinton Street Theater in Portland at 2:30pm December 19th.


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In a deserted city, a young boy finds himself drawn towards a closed theatre, and stumbles inside. He wanders through the empty auditorium, where rows of velvet chairs, draping curtains and chandeliers seem to lie in lonely wait for audiences to return.

He peeks backstage and discovers abandoned and half-covered props, costumes, lights, and sets that whisper of glamorous past shows and hidden magic, urging him deeper into their mysterious world. As he reaches to lift a curtain, music starts to play and the theatre bursts into life and colour. A carnival of characters spring to life, greeting the boy and putting on an extraordinary show filled with acrobats, snowflakes, clowns, princes and – of course – beautiful ballerinas.

The boy is whisked through a series of magical scenes from a circus and a snowy forest to a glorious Christmas party. He sees himself transformed into a dancer and meets the delightful Sugar Plum Fairy; he takes her hand and they whirl through the glittering guests until a beam of light interrupts their reverie. The night watchman’s torch finds the boy and he runs from the theatre, to discover the city is back to life and bustling with people who appear strangely familiar to him…


 The Secret Theatre features the choreography of Scottish Ballet founder Peter Darrell and CEO/Artistic Director Christopher Hampson, co-directed for the screen by Jess & Morgs. With set and costumes designed by Lez Brotherston; music by Rimsky-Korsakov and Tchaikovsky recorded live by the Scottish Ballet Orchestra; new additional composition by Frank Moon; and performances from the full Scottish Ballet Company; this Christmas special will be an unforgettable adventure for all the family.


Creative Direction

Christopher Hampson & Lez Brotherston

Screen Direction

Jess and Morgs


Christopher Hampson & Peter Darrell


Nikolai Rimsky Korsakov & Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Set & Costume Design

Lez Brotherston



“a definite warming of the cockles.”

The Guardian

“an exhilarating ride full of exquisitely different and surprising perspectives.”


“Scenes from Peter Darrell’s The Nutcracker and Christopher Hampson’s The Snow Queen are fused choreographically and musically, caught by a roving camera that floats and weaves as if it’s one of the dancers.”

The Scottsman

“The Secret Theatre engenders a welcome feeling of euphoria…”

Bach Track