Interview with SHIVTA

Director Or Schraiber
Director of Photography Derrick Belcham
Choreographers Or Schraiber, Ori Ofri, Bobbi Jene Smith
Dancers Or Schraiber, Ori Ofri, Bobbi Jene Smith
Composers Emanuel Keller, Keir GoGwilt

SHIVTA is a short dance film telling a cinematic and kinetic exploration of two lost desert wanderers.
In the form of Fata-Morgana, a doubtful portal appears in the distance.
Curiosity takes over and the two, as the narrative rolls forward, find themselves bewitched and possessed by a celestial fortune teller.

Describe, in as many or as few words as you see fit, the genesis of or inspiration behind your film.
Bible, Alejandro Jodorowsky, surealism, one thousands and one nights,
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