Interview with Clarice

Directors Clarice Silva, Jeziel Medeiros, Vitor Medeiros
Director of Photography Vitor Medeiros
Choreographer Clarice Silva
Dancer Clarice Silva
Country Brazil

A woman and the encounter with her own shadow.


Describe, in as many or as few words as you see fit, the genesis of or inspiration behind your film.
The film is based on the performer Clarice Silva’s personal experiences and rebuilds a moment of crisis lived by her.
What is interesting or intriguing to you about engaging with dance for film vs. dance for stage? Or, if you are coming from a film background and working with dance is a secondary medium for you, what drew you to wanting to capture and work with dance?
In my experience in creation in dance, the state of presence of the performer and the enhancement of their subtle and forceful aspects have always been objects of research. On the stage, the dancer’s relationship with their movements many times presupposes a kind of space support because of the distance from the spectator and, often, privileges the idea of the emission of the action. However, in this film experience, my relation as a dancer with my internal spaces, with my body states and with “letting myself be crossed” became a premise of game with the camera, since the proposition was to use it as a means of widening the reach to the spectator. After the construction of the screenplay, a “laisser faire” was put in question, an idea of proximity permission which offered a new approach to my technical training as an exercise in mastery and control. At the same time, interpreter and environment occupy equal protagonism on the screen, returning to the viewer the question about the place from where it is seen and to the actor its function as a means for the expressivity and not as an end. (by Clarice Silva)