October 8th @ 7:00PM | Whitsell Auditorium | Run Time: 130 minutes

An immersive evening of luscious film and dance, Picks 2 shares 4 films that guide into deep spaces of psyche and story. Silver Veiled, On Mending, Mother Melancholia, and Elegy of Lost Things do not shy from pulling the audience in and under. Themes of nationalism, unbearable loss, ecofeminism , and grieving alone and together weave and tug. We share these films within one night in hopes you will surrender to the fathoms and emerge into the spaces between mesmerized and receptive. Picks 2 runs 115 minutes with a 15 minute intermission.

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Silver Veiled

Germany, Italy, Ireland, United Kingdom

Directors: Ginevra Panzetti, Enrico Ticconi
Director of Photography: Ettore Spezza
Choreographers: Ginevra Panzetti, Enrico Ticconi
Dancers: Ginevra Panzetti, Enrico Ticconi
Direction on set: Ilaria di Carlo
Sound design: Sergio Salomone
Objects conception, costumes: Sergio Salomone, Ginevra Panzetti, Enrico Ticconi
Audio mastering: Max Costa
Distribution: Kante Film

In a choreographic series of unveilings, SILVER VEILED explores the symbolic power of the flag in its capacity to contain multiple values, evoking a contrasting feeling of belonging and separation.

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On Mending


Directors: Shawn Fitzgerald Ahern & Emilie Leriche
Director of Photography: Danijel Bogdanić
Choreographers: Shawn Fitzgerald Ahern & Emilie Leriche
Choreographed in collaboration with Stephanie Amurao, Alexandria Clair, Miguel Duarte, Dario Rigaglia
Featuring:  Shawn Fitzgerald Ahern, Emilie Leriche, Stephanie Amurao, Alexandria Clair, Miguel Duarte, & Dario Rigaglia
Composer: Wolff Bergen
Co-Producers: Orsolina28, Treacy & Darcy Beyer
Associate Producers: Monadnock Academy of Movement Arts, Carine Magescas
With the support of Konstnamsnärden
Dramaturg: Jonathan Fredrickson
Costume Designer:  Veerle Van den Wouwer
Assistant Costume Designer: Mies Geerarts
Colorist: Adam Benjamin Mikkelsen
Editors: Shawn Fitzgerald Ahern & Emilie Leriche
Graphic Design: Wolff Bergen

Special thanks Anya Royce, Christina & Daniel Ahern, René & Marie José Leriche, The Amurao Family, The Clair family, Salim Gouasmia, Mattia Napoli, Marion “Mauki” Turtur & Matthias Richter-Turtur, Junie Marsh, Corina Elst, Mike Tyus, Lea Ved, Johnny McMillan, Jon Betz, Katrín Hall, Maximilian Leopold “Fancy Bertie” Deibert, Simony Monteiro & the entire staff at Orsolina28

In loving memory of Darcy F. Beyer

A reflection on the beauty and inevitability of impermanence, On Mending is a short dance film that follows a community’s attempt to process overwhelming loss. The film and its characters wind their way through a vast and barren alpine landscape, an abstract land of memory and nostalgia. At its root On Mending is a contemplation on support, on community, on the action of releasing what we can no longer carry with us.

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Mother Melancholia

Germany / Iceland

Directed & Created by Samantha Shay  @samantha___shay______
In collaboration with Barbara Kaufmann, @chalialatour, @breeomara
Music by @soleysoleysoley
A @source_material Production
Co-commissioned by @tanztheaterwuppertal
Produced by @hallatryggva
Performed by Barbara Kaufmann,@chalialatour, & Samantha Shay
Director of Photography: @victoriasendrafilms 
Edited by Samantha Shay
Editing Consultant: Barbara Kaufmann
Colorist: @silviagrav  
Costume Designer: @angela.trivino
Production Designer: @evasigny
Production Manager: @juliekarenina
Director of Finance: @stephreg
Production Coordinator: @julianaliborius
1st Assistant Camera: @astajonina  Gaffer: @erlamag
Sound Engineer: @albrtfnnbgsn 
Sound Recording on Set: @kristinhjons 
Hair & Make-up: @makeupbyflorak
Intimacy Director: @hughesnewsat6
Cultural Consultant: @prestoncoyote
Seamstress: @alexiarosg
Catering: @bellamorgan@nyxflorentine
Set Photography: @sagasig & @juliette.rowland  
Graphic Design: @fiskprojects     


Mother Melancholia by Samantha Shay is a multi-layered portrait of four women and a eulogy for the planet set to, and inspired by Sóley’s album of the same title, a self-proclaimed soundtrack for the end of the world as we know it. Co-commissioned by Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch, the dance film approaches patriarchal politics and ecofeminism through an unguarded, unsettlingly beautiful meditation on the difficulty, and immediacy of being fully present in the world. Filmed in the surreal and eroding Icelandic landscape, Mother Melancholia is a quiet, yet urgent conduit between the internal world of the human experience, and the planet we inhabit.


Elegy of lost things


Project, direction and choreography: Stefano Mazzotta
Director of photography: Damiano Picciau
Created with and interpreted by: Alessio Rundeddu, Amina Amici, Damien Camunez, Gabriel Beddoes, Manuel Martin, Miriam Cinieri, Lucrezia Maimone, Simone Zambelli and with: Sara Angius, Elisa Zedda
Special guests: Antonio Piovanelli, Bonaria Ghidoni, Loredana Parrella
A rewrite from: Os Pobres di/by Raul Brandao
Co-direction: Massimo Gasole
Project realized with the contribution of: INTERCONNESSIONI_residenze artistiche in Sardegna – direzione Simonetta Pusceddu/Tersicorea
Collaboration to the dramaturgy : Fabio Chiriatti, Anthony Mathieu
Camera operators: Massimo Gasole, Damiano Picciau
Aerial shots: Alberto Masala
Editing: Massimo Gasole
Foley soundesign, mix audio: Emanuele Pusceddu
Make up: Federica Li
Costumes and sets: Stefano Mazzotta
Lights: Tommaso Contu
Production assistant: Maria Elisa Carzedda
Production: Zerogrammi
In collaboration with: Tersicorea_Officina delle arti sceniche, Illador Films, Casa Luft, Arca del tempo, Festival Danza Estate, C.ie La meme balle, La nave del duende
With the contribution of: Twain _ periferie artistiche_centro di residenza della regione Lazio
with the support of: Mic_Ministero della Cultura, Regione autonoma della Sardegna, Regione Piemonte, Fondazione di Sardegna, Soprintendenza Archeologica, Belle Arti e Paesaggio per la città metropolitana di Cagliari e le provincie di Oristano e Sud Sardegna, Comune di Settimo San Pietro, Comune di Selargius, Comune di Quartucciu, Ce.D.A.C Sardegna_circuito multidisciplinare dello spettacolo dal vivo
Thanks to: Elisabetta Milia, Alessandro Baldussi, Sandro Perra, Raffaele Lai, Angelo e Sara Fadelli, Salvatore Medda, Valentina Tibaldi, Silvia Battaglio, Cooperativa Specus, Cooperativa Bios


Inspired by Os Pobres (The Poor), a bitter and raw novel by the Portuguese author Raul Brandão, peopled by outcasts grappling with unresolved existential problems, the project by Stefano Mazzotta explores the theme of exile, the moral condition of individuals who feel estranged from the world in which they live, suspended between hope and nostalgia. Marginal and awkward figures, united by the same melancholic and nostalgic feelings, build up a desire for redemption. As they wander across the fascinating landscape of southern Sardinia, known as Campidano, on its endless white beaches and dunes, among the characteristic old houses, the natural spaces echo their souls, while distance and suspension establish a strained succession of images. Emptiness, vertigo, horizon. Things lost or which never were.


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